Visit the Pilbara

With over 700 historic Aboriginal archaeological sites and 1,000,000 rock engravings (Petroglyphs), many dating back some 30,000 years, the Burrup Peninsula is the perfect place to discover the unique art, history and culture of the Aboriginal people of the Pilbara.

Deep rocky canyons lead to peaceful plunge pools in the beautiful Karijini National Park. Hundreds of islands with dazzling white beaches and untouched coral gardens are yours to explore on the Dampier Archipelago and Mackerel Islands. And yet the Pilbara is also known as the engine room of Australia - home to a massive mining industry in crude oil, salt, natural gas and iron ore. An incredible juxtaposition of two very different industries.

Explore the Pilbara's colonial past in Roebourne, the oldest settlement in the North West. Cossack is a ghost town and has many beautifully restored historical buildings which offer an insight to the hardships and successes of the first settlers. There is also a perfectly positioned lookout here overlooking Jarman Island’s lighthouse built in 1888, the long white sand and sparkling blue ocean that is Settlers Beach.

Travel inland and you’ll experience the unique communities of the rugged outback, from Tom Price, the highest town above sea level in Western Australia, to Marble Bar, the hottest town in the country.

No matter where you roam in the Pilbara, you will be surprised and delighted with the hidden treasures it holds.

The Warlu Way

The Warlu Way follows the path of the Warlu, or Dreamtime sea serpent, as it traverses North West Australia and the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia – ancient and sacred landscapes rich in natural beauty and enchanting Aboriginal stories. Your journey takes you back in time to the mystical Dreaming era when the Warlu emerged from the sea and travelled through the pulsing red heart of the outback, forming magnificent waterways as he moved.

In 2021 the Pilbara Tourism Association developed the Warlu Way App, providing self-drive tourists with four routes between Exmouth and Broome, taking in the Pilbara's major tourism attractions on sealed and unsealed roads.

The project to develop the app received $90,182 from the McGowan Government via a Regional Economic Development Grant, with additional support provided by Rio Tinto, the Shires of East Pilbara and Ashburton and the Town of Port Hedland.

The app can be accessed through the website and downloaded from Apple App store for iPhone or Google store for Android phones.

There are many travel deals on offer by various providers throughout the Pilbara. The Visitor Centres below can assist you with what's on offer within their regions.

Karratha Tourism & Visitor Centre

Address: De Witt Road (formerly Karratha Road), Karratha
Phone: (08) 9186 8055

Onslow Tourist Centre

Address: Onslow Tourist Ctr,  Second Ave, Onslow WA 6710
Phone: +61 8 9184 6644

Newman Visitor Centre

Address: Fortescue Ave &, Newman Dr, Newman WA 6753
Phone: (08) 9175 2888

Port Hedland Visitor Centre

Address: 13 Wedge St, Port Hedland WA 6721
Phone: (08) 9173 1711

Tom Price Visitor Centre

Address: 1 Central Rd, Tom Price WA 6751
Ph:(08) 9188 5488

Marble Bar Museum and Visitor Centre

Lot 190 McLeod Cl
Marble Bar WA 6760
Ph: (08) 9176 1008