Our Staff

The Commission’s staff facilitate economic and community development in the Region.

The Commission’s function is to take necessary steps to promote, facilitate and monitor development in the region. This includes our Strategic Objectives:

  1. Improve existing, and develop new resource and related industries
  2. Seek, promote, and develop new sustainable industries
  3. Prioritise ongoing improvement to regional living standards
  4. Generate and promote pathways to increase economic participation of Aboriginal people
  5. Organisational excellence


We have offices based in Karratha and Port Hedland, and our staff travel regularly throughout the region to advance our Objectives.

Office of the CEO

Simon Taylor - Chief Executive Officer

Louise Moore - Executive Officer

Sharni Kittow - Senior Communications Advisor

People, Place and Community

Trish Barron - Director, People Place and Community

Jenna Dodge - Principal Regional Development Officer

Relma Bule-Turner - Senior Regional Development Officer

Jules Prins - Regional Development Officer (Grants)

Belinda Marshall - Senior Administration Officer (Finance)

Economic Development, Land and Infrastructure

Michael Heap - Director Economic Development, Land & Infrastructure

Richard Hancock - Principal Regional Development Office

Carolyn Biar - Senior Regional Development Officer

Jacoba Seccull - Senior Regional Development Officer

Joseph Mann - Principal Regional Development Officer (Northern Native Seed Industry Development)

Mary Manov - Local Content Advisor