Supporting Local Businesses

Small business is the lifeblood of any economy. Developing a diverse and competitive small to medium business sector is crucial to achieving sustainable economic growth and providing a diversity of career choices for Pilbara residents.

High costs of doing business, a dominant mining sector and a lack of critical mass has led to an under representation of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Pilbara compared to national averages.

The predominance of local businesses in the construction, rental, real estate, warehousing and logistics industries is closely aligned with the strength of regions mining sector. Meanwhile, businesses in other sectors such as education, retail and professional services are underrepresented across the Pilbara compared to regions of comparable size.

The Commission's investment in projects such as a network of co-working and innovation centres, along with supporting initiatives like the Creative Business Development Series and the Victoria Hotel Redevelopment have assisted in the growth of small businesses in the region.

The Commission is working in partnership with government, industry and business to achieve a number of strategic objectives that aim to unlock the Pilbara’s SME potential. 

REMPLAN Economic and Investment Profile

REMPLAN is a software package of online analytical tools and information resources for economic development, planning and tourism practitioners in local, state and federal government agencies, consulting firms, university researchers and students. REMPLAN provides a snapshot of the local Pilbara economy and how it contributes and compares to the broader state and Australian economies. The Commission utilises REMPLAN for its ability to model impacts of potential investments in the region. As part of this, the Commission provides stakeholders with free access to economic, community and investment information about the Pilbara. To access the Pilbara's REMPLAN profiles visit here.

Business Excellence Award Programs

Recognised and celebrated Pilbara small business achievers by sponsoring the Karratha, Port Hedland, Onslow, Pilbara Inland and Newman Business Excellence Award programs, managed by the region's Chambers of Commerce.

Local Content Advisor

The Commission has a dedicated Local Content Adviser whose role is to develop, promote and maximise opportunities for local suppliers, contractors and jobseekers in the Pilbara by connecting to relevant government, industry, businesses, Aboriginal Corporations, employment and training stakeholders. Click here to read more about this role and how it supports local Pilbara businesses.