Pilbara Hydrogen Hub

The Pilbara has long been recognised for its abundant natural resources and existing industrial infrastructure that make it an ideal location for large-scale hydrogen production.Hydrogen has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of doing business in the Pilbara and create a new energy export market for the region, diversifying the economy and creating new jobs into the future. 

In 2021-22, the Pilbara reaffirmed its competitive position within Australia’s developing hydrogen energy industry. In November 2021, the State Government committed $70 million in funding to support the Pilbara Hydrogen Hub, aimed at fast-tracking renewable hydrogen production and exports from Western Australia. In April 2022, the Commonwealth government committed matching funding for the project, making the Pilbara the first hydrogen hub in regional WA. 

The project will establish a hydrogen and/or ammonia pipeline between Maitland and Burrup Strategic Industrial areas, a Clean Energy Training and Research Institute to develop the required skills for the emerging industry, port upgrades to enable the import of oversized renewable energy generation equipment like turbine towers and blades and a hub expansion study which will plan for future growth. 

Following the funding announcement in April, the Commission has been leading the development of a Business Case for the Training Institute component of the Hydrogen Hub, with support from project partners, to finalise the State’s contribution. 

The Institute will focus on skills and training in areas relating to clean energy industries, including production, transportation, storage and export of renewable hydrogen and its carriers. 

It will also enable sophisticated applied research and development activities, utilising the expertise of the region’s existing workforce and through attraction of academics to use the state-of-the-art facilities. 

We are continuing to support the development of all components of the Hydrogen Hub to maximise the benefits of the new industry to residents and businesses in the Pilbara. 

This is an exciting time for the development of a new, renewable, green energy industry that will transform the Pilbara’s economy and the Commission will continue to lead the charge.

For more information on the project, please contact Darren Leitch on darren.leitch@pdc.wa.gov.au