Living and working in the Pilbara is a fantastic experience. Pilbara cities and towns are family friendly communities, with an array of services, amenities, and sporting and recreational activities for the whole family, or individuals to enjoy and participate in.

Work in the Pilbara

There are an estimated 44,956 people currently employed in Pilbara Region

The Pilbara has been centre of the most rapid expansion of iron ore production in history and the site of construction of some of the largest gas projects in the world.

The resource sector will remain the backbone of the Pilbara economy for decades to come, however the region boasts numerous other comparative advantages that present exciting new opportunities for new industries.

Indigenous Australians make up 12% of the Pilbara’s population, compared to 2.5% of the nation’s population. The Pilbara’s strong and expanding resources sector has provided significant opportunities for Indigenous employment and business development.

A number of significant strategic partnerships have been established across the region, targeting and promoting Indigenous economic participation employment.

The labour market in the Pilbara region has been one of the strongest in the country, with sustained low levels of unemployment over the past two decades. The average unemployment rate is just 3.1%.

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