The Commission is pursuing a range of strategic opportunities that will drive business activity in the Pilbara to build a stronger, more sustainable economy supported by vibrant and liveable communities.

Strategic Initiatives


Amid changing climates and increased water security challenges, market opportunities in Asia for safe, quality food will drive the growth of food production in the Pilbara.


The Pilbara’s extensive and relatively population-free coastline and inland areas make it ideal for aquaculture with numerous sites potentially suited for land and marine based developments.

Community Development

The recent transformation from mining towns to vibrant, liveable Pilbara communities marks a new era of normalisation for the region.


Opportunities exist to leverage the Pilbara’s high level of industrial activity to provide industry-specific research and development, resulting in greater innovation and paving the way for the region to become a significant influence in education, training and knowledge in these areas.

Economic Infrastructure

Adequate infrastructure is vital to the realisation of economic growth and the long-term sustainability of a growing population. As the Pilbara diversifies its economic base, continued investments in economic infrastructure such as energy, water, waste, digital communication and transport will be required.


As the population increases and new markets emerge,there is a significant opportunity to develop the Pilbara’s latent energy resources and expansive and underutilised land and natural assets for local, national and global markets.


Access to land for industry, business and residential developments is a critical element for the future development of the Pilbara and sets the foundation for job creation.

Small Business

Opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Pilbara are growing resulting in a more diverse and robust small sector.


Tourism is a key economic driver for the Pilbara with more than 900,000 visitors to the region every year, generating more than $470 million in gross revenue annually.

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