The Pilbara Development Commission is committed to making the Pilbara a great place to live, and delivers this through attracting investment in the community sector, to support the growth and liveability of the Pilbara. Liveability is essential –a great place to work and play is critical to attracting new residents.

Live in the Pilbara

The Pilbara's population in 2021 was 63,164.

(Source ABS)

There are more than 31 Aboriginal language groups in the Pilbara. People from many other countries have also made it their home: around a third of the Pilbara's residents were born elsewhere than Australia.

The Pilbara has an active arts and cultural community across all artforms. The region is home to a growing number of practicing visual artists, musicians, dancers and theatre artists.

The Pilbara has major cultural facilities and events, including the Matt Dann Cultural Centre in Port Hedland, the future Karratha Cultural Precinct, the Cossack Art Awards, the REAF festival and much more.

The Pilbara Development Commission has been at the forefront of a remarkable transformation in the Pilbara. The region is now characterised by high quality regional living, with modern services and facilities that support strong and thriving local communities.

With the next wave of investment beginning, the Commission is working with partners in the region to secure long term benefits to the region, including industry opportunities that will exist beyond the life of the extractive resource sector, and ensuring advantages are shared by Aboriginal communities.

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