To diversify and expand the Pilbara economy, new types and sources of investment for value adding and new industries will be needed. This means identifying, finding, attracting, retaining and maintaining investment in the region. This is a key strategic priority for the Pilbara Development Commission.

Invest in the Pilbara

The growth and development of the Pilbara will be driven by leveraging comparative advantages.

Strong investment links with Asia –the Pilbara sits on the doorstep of Asia, with both Karratha and Port Hedland less than 3000km and four hours by air from Singapore and less than three hours from Jakarta.

Natural environment and resources – whilst the Pilbara is rich in resources and minerals, there are comparative advantages in renewable energy production, including geothermal, tidal, algae, and solar based energy systems.

Aboriginal culture and heritage – the Burrup Peninsula and surrounding Dampier Archipelago have the highest concentration of rock art in the world.

Location of major industrial activity – the established presence of major industrial activity focused on natural resource extraction is a key regional asset for the Pilbara.

The Pilbara enjoys strong access to markets and is a globally recognised export hub. This includes both physical access, through major airports and ports as well as business relationships and networks.

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