“Timely and efficient access to deconstrained land is an important part of the diversification of the Pilbara’s economy.”

Chris Adams | Chief Executive Officer, City of Karratha



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land assets
in the Pilbara


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Access to land for industry, business and residential developments is a critical element for the future development of the Pilbara and sets the foundation for job creation.

Once considered one of the most expensive places to live due to rapid population growth, recent increases in land and housing supplies, combined with easing resource sector investment has helped to address the region’s affordability challenges.

Key land management projects, such as the State Government Derelict Building Audit, half-yearly Housing and Land Snapshot Reports, and land-use mapping tool ALCES, are ensuring both government and the private sector remain informed to identify opportunities to unlock under-utilised assets in the region.

Access to land will be a critical part of developing opportunities in new industries such as aquaculture, agriculture and commercial infrastructure which will support the economic diversification of the Pilbara.

Overcoming land tenure challenges and improving access to quality services, markets and communities has the potential to improve the attractiveness of the region to households and investors and catalyse new industries and business in the region, making it a key part of realising the region’s vision for 2050. The Commission is working in partnership with government, industry and business to achieve a number of strategic objectives that aim to unlock the Pilbara’s potential and make the 2050 vision a reality.

Current projects

Pilbara Housing and Land Snapshots

The Commission produces bi-annual property snapshots to monitor and report on change in the residential and commercial markets. The snapshots include median sale and lease prices, sellers discounting and market supply. The residential snapshot is produced in partnership with REIWA and also includes a WA and Pilbara economic overview.


The Commission engaged a team from software consulting firm ALCES to develop a series of future potential economic and community scenarios for the Pilbara region. The software overlaps ecological, social and economic data and presents it in a visual map form that can be used to inform investment decisions for both the government and private sector. The ALCES tool will enable the Commission to undertake scenario planning to determine the best approach to economic development for the region. Contact the Commission for more information.

Reports and studies

  • Residential Housing and Land Snapshot
  • Commercial Property Snapshot

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