"Solar is starting to get down to the price where it’s competitive and there is going to be an increasing push around the world to reduce carbon emissions, and the Pilbara is the place that can really take advantage of that.”

Dr Matthew Stocks | Australia National University



estimated growth in
demand for renewable
energy (2010-35)


estimated growth in
demand for gas


invested in renewable
energy infrastucture
globally in 2015

As the population increases and new markets emerge, global energy demand is expected to increase by 35% by 2035. Alongside such growth, is a significant opportunity to develop the Pilbara’s latent energy resources and expansive and underutilised land and natural assets for local, national and global markets.

Considerable natural gas stocks, abundant tidal movements, prolonged daylight hours with some of the highest levels of solar radiation on the planet and accessible geothermal energy deposits provide a plethora of opportunities for traditional and innovative alternate energy production.

The availability of existing export infrastructure and an increasing demand for lower carbon energy sources offer the region a comparative advantage in energy production, that, if harnessed, has the potential to help to support the growth of the regional population as well as provide new export opportunities to major and emerging global markets.

Moreover, the global shift toward the green economy can mean that new industries, small and large, that seek to assist the economy in reducing its carbon and environmental footprint, could find a niche in the Pilbara.

Growth of the Pilbara’s energy industry has the potential to diversify the region’s economy, reduce business and household costs by providing a consistent and reliable local energy supply and cater to the changing demands of the global energy mix, making it a key part in realising the region’s vision for 2050. The Commission is working in partnership with government, industry and business to achieve a number of strategic objectives that aim to unlock the Pilbara’s potential in energy and make the 2050 vision a reality.

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