The Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint is the definitive State Government plan for the region, developed by the region, articulating the transformational opportunities for the continued growth of the Pilbara, through the key areas of community development and economic diversification.

Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint

The Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint, with the support of Royalties for Regions funding will redefine the region to one of a broad based economy and increased population which will be underpinned by continuous growth and sustainability. The Pilbara Blueprint is the result of 18 months of extensive research, consultation, economic analysis and big picture thinking with key Pilbara stakeholders.

The success of the Government of Western Australia's Pilbara Cities initiative in investing $1.7billion into the land and infrastructure needs of the growing population of the Pilbara has been critical in revitalising the region. It is a great example of what is possible when working towards a clear share vision.

Building on the success of Pilbara Cities, the Pilbara Blueprint provides the Pilbara with a road map, and sets out an aspirational but achievable new vision for the region, with a population target of 200,000 by 2050.

Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint


Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint


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