“The Pilbara has been through a significant transformation over the last six years, which has been nothing short of remarkable, and heralds a new era of normalisation for the region – the ‘new Pilbara’… I am proud of the difference the Commission is making in building a region that more people can visit, stay, invest, work and play in the communities in a sustainable way.”

Terry Hill, Chief Executive Officer

Pilbara Cities program

The Pilbara has been on an unprecedented journey over the last decade, which saw record growth unlike anything Australia had experienced in the last 30 years. The growth created a rapid increase in population in the Pilbara and the region did not have the social and economic infrastructure, services, or amenities to support this.

Acknowledging the importance of the region and the strain on the Pilbara’s communities, the State Government intervened and established the Pilbara Cities program in 2009 with a $1.7 billion commitment through Royalties for Regions to revitalise the region and to prepare for long term growth and sustainability.

Since its inception, Pilbara Cities has set out to achieve an ambitious target;

“The vision is to transform Karratha and Port Hedland into cities of 50,000 each by 2035, with other towns in the Pilbara such as Newman, Tom Price and Onslow growing into more attractive and sustainable communities.”

While the Commission is the lead agency tasked with the delivery of more than 100 projects funded under the Pilbara Cities program, the vision is shared by the private sector and other government agencies, making it a truly collaborative effort between government, industry and local communities.

Directing investment toward four key focus areas – Community Projects and Engagement, Land Availability and Development, Economic Diversification and Infrastructure Coordination – has provided the framework required to transform Pilbara mining communities into modern cities and towns where people want to live, work, and invest long into the future.

The Pilbara is now home to world-class recreation, sporting, and community facilities. Infrastructure and land supply are now meeting the needs of the growing population and there are new opportunities for business growth and diversification.

Want to learn more about the region’s transformation from mining towns to Pilbara cities?

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