The Regional Grants Scheme and Community Chest Fund are made possible by Royalties for Regions, a State Government program designed to promote and facilitate economic, business and social development in regional Western Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Regional Grants Scheme?
The Regional Grants Scheme is a Royalties for Regions initiative that aims to improve economic and community infrastructure and services in regional Western Australia. It is aimed at bigger projects that will help attract investment, increase job opportunities and assist in improving the quality of life in the regions. The Regional Grants Scheme is a contestable funding scheme with grants from $50 001 to $300 000 available.

What is the Community Chest Fund?
The Community Chest Fund is a small grants program, aimed at providing funds for smaller community projects. The Community Chest Fund comprises one-off grants of up to and including $50 000 to support small, local demand driven projects.

What can the Regional Grants Scheme and Community Chest Fund be used for?
Both funds can be used to assist with the development of infrastructure, services and community projects that will enhance the provision of social and economic benefits to regional communities. The guidelines for each scheme outline what is and is not eligible to apply for.

Must I be part of a community group or organisation?
The Regional Grants Scheme and Community Chest Fund are targeted at providing financial assistance to regionally based organisations.

Eligible applicants may include local governments, voluntary organisations, educational institutions (e.g. universities and Parents and Citizens Associations), philanthropic foundations and community organisations.

  • - All voluntary and community groups applying for funding must have an Australian Business Number (ABN), be an incorporated body or have equivalent status (e.g. represented by an incorporated auspicing body).
  • - Organisations outside the region may apply, but will need to demonstrate significant, sustainable regional benefits and a commitment to local decision-making and planning.
  • - Preference will be given to projects that can demonstrate that a grant from this Regional Grants Scheme or Community Chest Fund will leverage funds from other sources.
  • - State and Commonwealth Government agencies are not eligible. Individuals or private sector businesses are also not eligible.

How can I assess if my project is eligible before I put in the application?
Contact us for more information on project eligibility and assistance with completing the application form.

Can my project be eligible for both the Regional Grants Scheme and the Community Chest Fund?
No. Projects requesting funding under $50,000 should apply for the Community Chest Fund. Projects requesting funding between $50,001 and $300,000 should apply for the Regional Grants Scheme.

How are applications assessed?
The assessment criteria and decision making process that we will use to assess the application are listed in the Regional Grants Scheme and Community Chest Fund guidelines.

How many applications can be successful?
There is no cap on the number of successful applications. However, there are limited funds available for each region and each fund.

How much funds can each application access?
Projects can request funding between $50 001 and $300 000 under the Regional Grants Scheme. Projects requesting funding under $50 000 can apply through the Community Chest Fund.

How soon after applying will I know if I am successful or not?
We undertake a rigorous assessment process of all applications. The Regional Grants Scheme and Community Chest Fund have different decision making processes, as outlined in the respective guidelines.

Applicants should allow four to six months for the Regional Grants Scheme approval process. This will be shorter for the Community Chest Fund.

If I am unsuccessful this round, can I still apply when the next round opens?
Upon notification of being unsuccessful, applicants can contact us to discuss the outcome of the assessment and how the application/project might be amended for consideration in any future rounds.

When is the next round?
Future rounds for the Regional Grants Scheme and the Community Chest Fund have not yet been announced.

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