The Pilbara Development Commission was proud to sponsor the second New Pilbara Economic Development Conference, run by the Pilbara Regional Chambers of Commerce in Perth on 29 August 2017. The conference attracted more than 400 business, mining, government and community representatives to engage in a discussion about the diversification of the Pilbara's economic base.

New Pilbara Economic Development Conference

The New Pilbara Economic Development Conference was by Westlink and broadcast around regional Western Australia in September. Presentations, listed by session below, are now available to watch online. For more information about the conference visit

Session 1 - Pulse check: economic overview

Session 2 - New innovation and investment in the resources industry

Session 3 - Unlocking potential in new energy

Session 4 - Opportunities in agriculture and aquaculture

Session 5 - Destination development and marketing of the new Pilbara

Session 6 - Building a vibrant business community

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