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Pilbara Development Commission welcomes new Board member

Aug 22, 2019

Photo: Sara Slattery, August 2019 (Pilbara Development Commission)

The Pilbara Development Commission has welcomed the appointment of Sara Slattery to the Commission’s Board.

Ms Slattery, a qualified career practitioner with extensive experience working for employment services and Aboriginal-owned organisations in the Pilbara, has been appointed to the Board as a community representative by the Minister for Regional Development.

Ms Slattery is currently the Board chairperson for Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation and has held other leadership and consultancy roles for a range of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations.

A member of the Australian Association of Career Counsellors and Institute of Company Directors, she worked for many years in employment-focussed organisations in the Pilbara, including in Roebourne and South Hedland.

A Robe River Kuruma Native Title Holder, Ms Slattery currently lives in Wickham with her family.

Commission chairperson Brendan Hammond warmly welcomed Ms Slattery’s appointment.

"Ms Slattery brings to the role valuable leadership experience gained in Pilbara based organisations, a professional background in career and employment services and a powerful personal connection to the region, where she was born and raised, and has worked most of her life,” Mr Hammond said.

“A Robe River Kuruma Native Title Holder, Ms Slattery has worked for diverse Pilbara organisations and is well connected to Traditional Owner groups in the region.

“She will bring a valuable new perspective and professional experience to the Commission Board.

"As the Commission continues to focus on diversifying the Pilbara economy and ensuring all the region’s communities thrive into the future, I look forward to Ms Slattery’s contribution.

“I would also like to thank the other applicants for the position.

“I was very impressed at the high number and quality of people who applied for the role, which I believe is a sign of the enthusiasm and care people feel for this region, and of the important role the Commission has to play.”


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