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Phone upgrades to improve safety and convenience at Kariijini

Jun 10, 2019

Photo: We all like to talk. Left to right: Karijini National Park Ranger Jay Crossman, Karijini Eco Retreat Manager Michael Bones, and Head Guide Geoffrey Carter and Director Hwee Carter from West Oz Active Adventure Tours at Joffre Lookout in Karijini National Park (where 3G mobile phone service, soon to be upgraded to 4G, is available).

Mobile phone coverage – and with it, safety and convenience for visitors – to Karijini National Park will be significantly improved thanks to an announcement by the Minister for Regional Development that towers in the park will be upgraded from 3G to 4G.

The 4G satellite small cell service installation will triple the current coverage footprint to a six-kilometre radius, double the capacity and reduce congestion.

Pilbara Development Commission CEO Terry Hill said it would make a big difference.

“Expanding tourism in the region is an important opportunity to support a more diversified economy. We have amazing National Parks in the Pilbara and improving mobile coverage will support a positive experience for visitors,” Mr Hill said.

“The Commission was asked in 2016 what its Pilbara priorities were for blackspot coverage and after consulting with the region’s local governments and tourism operators, getting coverage in Karijini National Park was high on our list.

“Reducing congestion on the network and extending its coverage will mean visitors who would otherwise leave the national park to phone home or get online may extend their stay.

“It will also make it easier for people staying within the park to use the new online booking system for the Dales Campground to make or modify a booking.

“Further, it will improve access to services in case of emergencies.”

Read the Minister’s announcement here.


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