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Onslow Business Investment Guide outlines strong economic future for Onslow

Feb 9, 2016

The Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), with support from the Pilbara Development Commission (PDC) has reached another milestone with the release of the Onslow Business Investment Guide.

The Guide provides an overview of Onslow; current, pending and plausible industry and business activities and associated opportunities and services; and infrastructure available to support business development in the area.

OCCI President, Geoff Herbert said, "While some areas of the resource sector are slowing down in the Pilbara, Onslow is still growing. What the OCCI and PDC are aiming to do with this Guide is provide a snapshot of what is going on and what opportunities are available for investment and business growth in Onslow."

Developments and opportunities outlined in the Guide include construction of a new 19-pen marina, a marine support base, new pool and skate park and construction of houses. Opportunities associated with large-scale resource projects are also outlined.

"Onslow is in a great position. Development of the Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area has acted as a catalyst by providing industrial space and high level regulatory approvals required for large-scale projects. In Onslow itself, accommodation is available and affordable, public amenities are great, the climate and environment attractive and there are direct flights to and from Perth,” Mr Herbert said.

Pilbara Development Commission Acting Chief Executive Officer Terry Hill said the OCCI had shown great leadership and initiative in developing the investment guide for Onslow.

“The Commission is proud to continue to work with the OCCI to deliver impactful outcomes for Onslow and the greater Pilbara region,” Mr Hill said.

“This investment guide is a great accompaniment to the Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint and delves a little deeper into the transformational opportunities that will see Onslow continue to grow and diversify.

“Onslow is in a unique position to continue to play a fundamental role in securing a prosperous future for the region and for Western Australia,” Mr Hill said.

Onslow is a thriving hub of economic activity and business development that’s supported by a vibrant and diverse community.

"What is going on in Onslow is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The OCCI and PDC want to make sure the full potential of economic, social and environmental growth are realised," Mr Herbert said.

Copies of the Guide are available in hard copy from the OCCI or online by visiting the OCCI website

For more information, contact OCCI President Geoff Herbert 0437 846 610 or


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