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Commission urges Pilbara businesses to take advantage of grants

Oct 4, 2018

Investment in regional development projects in the Pilbara could receive a major boost with seven State Government grants currently open with up to $300,000 for individual projects available to support industry and economic development.

Pilbara Development Commission Chief Executive Officer Terry Hill urged businesses, local governments and investors to put their project ideas forward for consideration.

“This is a great opportunity to receive a capital injection and accelerate industry and economic growth in the Pilbara,” Mr Hill said.

Broadening the Pilbara’s economy by growing industries such as agriculture, tourism and renewable energy are a key part of the region’s economic development agenda.

“The Pilbara has the natural resources, proximity to markets and existing economic infrastructure to build sustainable new industries that will create greater employment and stability in the region’s economy.”

Current grants support a range of project opportunities such as feasibility and research studies, events, innovation and projects that stimulate industry development.

“If your organisation has a project idea that will improve productivity, grow jobs and diversify the Pilbara’s economy I strong encourage you to consider applying for funding.”

Potential applicants are invited to contact the Pilbara Development Commission’s economic development team to discuss project proposals and opportunities.

Current State Government regional development grants include:

A list of current regional development grant rounds is available at


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