The Commission is a progressive, strategically focused agency that plays a key role in the social and economic development of the Pilbara.

Agency performance

Performance management framework

Relationship to government goals

The Government's desired outcome from the activities of the Pilbara Development Commission is the enhancement of the Pilbara's economic and social development. The Commission achieves this outcome by providing a coordination and facilitation function to deliver beneficial outcomes to business, community groups and to people living and working in the region.

Performance measures for the Commission's strategic goals are defined and monitored through the Western Australian Government Budget Statements.

Agency performance

Annual stakeholder survey

The following table illustrates results achieved against the Commission's performance indicators compared to the previous year.

The results shown here for 2017-18 net agreement differ slightly from results in the Commission's 2017-18 annual report, because in the 2017-18 report, 'don't know' answers were included as net agreement. This has been addressed in this table, with 'don't know' answers excluded from net agreement for both years.

The 2019 survey results show that overall, stakeholders were strongly aware of the Commission's positive contribution to economic and social development of the Pilbara (94%, compared to 93% in 2017-18).

A high score was also achieved in relation to Commission staff being considered by surveyed stakeholders as positive and supportive of stakeholders and the community (95% compared to 94% in 2017-18).

Of potential concern was the consistently lower score achieved in relation to awareness of the projects and activities being undertaken by the Commission to develop and broaden the economic base of the region. This will be considered in future Commission communications planning.

Investment overview

In April 2019, the Minister for Regional Development Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC, announced eight Pilbara projects as recipients of a total $690,455 in Round 1
of the State Government's Regional Economic Development (RED) grants scheme.

Intended to drive diversification of the Pilbara economy, the grants support projects that will create jobs, such as through boosting tourism and encouraging innovation and new industries.

Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

In 2018-19, the Commission continued to manage the delivery of projects under the State Government's Community Chest Fund; Regional Grant Scheme; and Local Projects, Local Jobs program. The largest grant delivered under these schemes was $300,000 for the Ian Blair Boardwalk, refurbishment and installation of interpretive signage in Onslow.

Community Chest Fund

Regional Grants Scheme

Local Projects, Local Jobs

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