The Commission is a progressive, strategically focused agency that plays a key role in the social and economic development of the Pilbara.

2018-19 Performance highlights

To achieve its mission to be the catalyst for regional development and growth, the Commission works towards four strategic goals which underpin all decision-making and provide the basis for evaluating the organisation's effectiveness. The four strategic goals are:

  1. A prosperous and diverse economy
  2. Vibrant and sustainable communities
  3. Transformational partnerships
  4. Skilled and capable people

During 2018-19, the Pilbara Development Commission led, collaborated and invested in a wide range of projects and initiatives to support the sustainable development of the Pilbara.

This work was guided by the Commission's four strategic goals listed on its website.

Highlights of the Commission's performance in 2018-19 are grouped here under the strategic goals, while noting many activities supported multiple goals.

The Commission is currently developing its strategic plan 2019-2021, which will be implemented in 2019-20. The new plan will include key themes for regional development which have been developed by the Western Australian Regional Development Trust. These themes will be common to all nine regional development commissions.

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