Building diversity in the Pilbara's economy by capitalising on the region's natural advantages and adapting to global trends will ensure the Pilbara thrives in a sophisticated 21st century economy.

Brendan Hammond, Pilbara Development Commission Chairperson

Welcome to our 2018-19 Annual Report

The 2018-19 Annual Report is an important tool used to ensure transparency and accountability of the Commission to Parliament, our stakeholders and the community we serve. It is an account of our achievements during the reporting period and a look at the emerging challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the Pilbara, and the agency.

To reduce printing costs and environmental impact, this report has been published in an electronic format, and is available to download from the links below. If you would like a printed copy of the report please contact us on telephone (08) 6551 7500 or via email at

Individual sections of the 2017-18 Annual Report are available to to view in HTML format from the link above.

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