The Commission's role is to coordinate and promote economic development in the Pilbara to maximise prosperity and well-being for the region, and for Western Australia.

Who we are

Established under the Regional Development Commissions Act 1993, the Pilbara Development Commission is responsible to the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan Minister for Regional Development. The Commission provides the regional link between government policy and planning and regional aspirations and needs.

As defined in the Act, the Commission’s objectives are:

  • maximising job creation and improving career opportunities in the region
  • developing and broadening the economic base of the region
  • identifying infrastructure services to promote economic and social development within the region
  • providing information and advice to promote business development within the region
  • seeking to ensure that the general standard of government services and access to those services in the region is comparable to that which applies in the metropolitan area
  • taking steps to encourage, promote, facilitate and monitor the economic development in the region


The vision for the Pilbara region is vibrant and sustainable communities underpinned by a strong, diverse economy.

By 2050, the Pilbara will have 200,000 people living in vibrant, modern and inclusive cities and communities which offer quality services, career choice, affordable living and strong local communities. The economy will feature diverse, innovative and resilient local and international firms underpinned by the resources and energy industries.
(Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint, 2015)

The Pilbara Development Commission’s vision is to be a progressive agency leading the development of the Pilbara.


The Pilbara Development Commission’s mission is to be the catalyst for development and growth in the Pilbara region.


The Commission is a values-driven organisation, which promotes a positive working environment and makes the agency a great partner to work with. The overarching value of excellence drives a culture of continuous improvement and leadership with the agency. The Commission's values are:

Excellence in all we deliver

Integrity: to act ethically, honestly and with transparency

Unite: to connect, respect and collaborate

Care: to be positive and supportive

Impact: to make a difference


1. A prosperous and diverse economy

2. Vibrant and sustainable communities

3. Transformational partnerships

4. Skilled and capable people

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