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About Pilbara Cities

Pilbara Cities was established in April 2010 to address the issues associate with significant growth in the region. It aims to fulfill the vision of building the population of Karratha and Port Hedland into cities of 50, 000 people and Newman to 15,000 people by 2035, with other Pilbara towns growing into more attractive, sustainable local communities.

Brief History

  • November 2009: Premier Colin Barnett announces Pilbara Cities Vision
  • May 2010: State Budget allocates resources for Pilbara Cities office
  • August 2010: Pilbara Cities office established within Department of Regional Development and Lands to oversee implementation of the Pilbara Cities Vision
  • Sept 2011: Pilbara Planning and Infrastructure Framework endorsed by WA Planning Commission
  • October 2012: Pilbara Cities Office transferred to the Pilbara Development Commission

Key Challenges

The Pilbara region has experienced massive growth in recent years and as a direct consequence:

  • Housing is less affordable due to unmet demand
  • Infrastructure upgrades/expansion are not keeping pace with growth
  • Small business numbers have declined partly due to rising costs
  • Education and health services are below expectations
  • Community services facilities are aging and inadequate
  • Sense of community is in decline, adversely impacted by workforce Fly-in-Fly Out rosters and 12 hour shifts