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2015 Regional Grants Scheme Announced
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The Commission was established in late 1992 as a Statutory Authority of the State Government of Western Australia with a mandate to lead and support the sustainable development of the Pilbara region. The Pilbara Cities Office was transferred to the Commission in October 2012, streamlining the governance and leadership of the coordination and delivery of the Pilbara Cities Vision and providing greater capacity and authority to the Commission to lead development in the Pilbara.

The Commission will lead the conclusion of the initial four-year $1.2 billion Royalties for Regions allocation to the Pilbara Cities Vision. The future focus of the Pilbara Cities Vision will be built around key strategic themes of Land and Infrastructure; Development and Diversity; and Strategy and Knowledge. Activity focus will include establishing a knowledge hub, stimulating economic diversification and activating communities to embed and strengthen community benefit from public space regeneration and infrastructure investment.